Dear Brother and Sister in Christ,


We send you Greetings in the Majestic Name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   We are elated regarding this season in which we are seeking the Lost for Jesus Christ.  It is time for a Harvest of Souls.  Luke 10:2 tells us that the Harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.   Jubilee is committed in being the laborers to seek that Harvest.  


As you may or may not know, Jubilee Baptist Church’s Joy Center Capital Campaign has been established to help build the JOY Center.  The JOY Center will be a multipurpose gymnasium, soup kitchen, fitness center, emergency shelter and computer lab for the Taylors/Greer Community.  In our community there are no such resources, and we feel we need a place to help our community, educate and empower individuals and our church.  Last year, we, decided to proceed in building this center!   We are believing God for $2 million dollars and are committing in making pledges to accomplish this goal as well as seek grants and sizeable contributions from individuals and corporations.   We have been discussing with architects & surveyors, and we realize there are several stages in making this vision come to pass.  Jubilee will remain debt free, meaning no mortgages.   With the programs we seek to initiate day one, we cannot be burden with any debt.  We are asking you to join our efforts.  Enclosed will find an envelope, we are asking that you commit to join us in this endeavor.   We have been a monument in the community, but we are also a movement seeking to empower people and providing a place to grow spiritually, physically and emotionally.  JOIN US.


Yours in Christ,​

Pastor Reggie Garrett & The Jubilee Baptist Church Family