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A Condensed History of The Jubilee Baptist Church


Jubilee Baptist Church, located on Rutherford Road, Route 1, Taylors, South Carolina, is the oldest African-American Church in the upper Piedmont Section of South Carolina, and is often referred to as, “The Mother Church”.  The Church has a rich, colorful, and proud heritage that dates back to slavery.   The name "Jubilee" was given to the church to celebrate the slaves freedom, and we continue to celebrate that freedom in Christ according to John 8:36.."He whom the Son sets FREE indeed!

The Church was established in the year eighteen hundred and sixty-four (1864).  The Rev. Richard F. Wilden, Sr., a white minister, is credited with initiating the organization of the Jubilee Baptist Church.

During the period of acquisition, the members held church services in various homes until enough money could be raised to buy the land and build the church.

The first pastor elected was the Rev. Jerry Foster.  Our current pastor is Pastor Reggie Garrett and he is our 23rd Pastor who has served in the History of our church.  Under His Leadership, we have grown spiritually, and physically.

We praise and thank God for the rich heritage and many blessings as we continued laboring for one hundred and fifty-six (156) years for the betterment of the kingdom. 

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